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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

The following document describes the terms you (the user) have to agree to in order to use Hookdoo.com (the service provided by the service provider). Failure to agree or to adhere to specified terms and conditions may result in your service access termination.

The following document also describes the information the service collects and stores about you and the conditions under which the information may be shared with third parties.


This service is currently in beta access mode. You pay for the access to the beta of the service and we will notify you if any breaking changes or planned downtimes will in a timely manner, however unexpected downtimes can occur and the system can misbehave. We can offer no service level guarantees at this time.


Nothing that:

  • the service requires connecting to remote devices (servers)
  • connecting to servers requires valid access credentials

You agree that servers you will specify for script execution belong to you, or you have valid and legally obtained credentials to access them and execute specified sequences of computer commands (“scripts”) on them.

You agree that your service access will be terminated if service provider is notified and presented with provable information that servers you specified do not belong to you or you have illegaly obtained credentials to access them.


Nothing that:

  • the service is delivered by executing user specified sequences of computer commands (scripts) on user’s behalf on specified servers

You agree that the service will connect to specified servers and execute specified scripts.

Executed commands may additionally include commands specified by the service in order to provide service functionalities. These commands will exclusively consist of EXPORT commands that provide for environment variable scope visibility within your scripts. Environment variables will be scoped only within your script.

You agree that the service cannot be held responsible or liable for any damages caused by the service executing sequences of computer commands on your servers.

Please note that it is highly recommended you protect your script execution by defining secure trigger rules that will prevent unauthorized triggering of your scripts on your devices.


You agree not to intentionally attempt to overload the system with service requests so to cause denial of service for other users.

You agree that continued usage beyond documented and clearly specified fair use definition may be used as grounds for temporary or permanent termination of service access for your user account.


Nothing that:

  • Service is based on pre-paid model where you manually load the service account through means of online payment.
  • Service account is automatically charged as per the subscription option you have selected.
  • In case of insufficient funds for maintenance of your current subscription option you will be automatically unsubscribed.
  • You agree to have your service account terminated after more than 6 months of unsubscribed status.
  • No-refunds policy is in place so we recommend you load the account with minimum amount necessary for your optimal service usage. Exception from no-refund policy are continued service outages which you agree to be individually settled on a case-by-case basis.
  • You agree that no service level agreement or guarantee is in place for this service at this time.


Information considered private you share with the service provider in order for service to function properly is as follows:

  • email address
  • first and last name
  • IP addresses you use the service from
  • server hostnames
  • server SSH ports, login usernames and passwords/SSH keys
  • script code

Information produced and/or logged by the service automatically is as follows:

  • PayPal transactional IDs and metadata as to support payment system
  • hook invocation timestamps, payloads, origin headers, query strings and payloads
  • logs produced by script execution
  • slogin history and details (origin IP address, session start, session end)

You agree for service to keep your script execution logs for up to 48 hours as to support your history logs access plus up to 30 days of historical records for service’s own backup procedures.

You maintain all your intellectual property in relation to the script code you provide.

Service provider will not disclose any of provided information to third parties, except when presented with relevant information from legal authorities and when obligated by law.


By using the service, you agree to resolve any disputes between you and the service provider under applicable laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina only if mutual direct agreement between you and service provider is not possible.