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Frequently asked questions

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How many request can I receive per hook?
Up to 100 requests per minute per hook and up to 1000 requests per hour per hook.
How many invocation can be replayed per hook?
Up to 200 hook invocation replays per hour per hook.
Does my failed trigger rule count?
Yes. Requests that fail trigger rule are counted against the quota and returns status code 202
What happens when the API is throttled?
A status code of 429 is returned.
What is the maximum size of a single payload?
The maximum size is 5MB.
What is the maximum capacity per hour?
The maximum ingestion is 60 MB of various payloads per hook per hour.
What happens when the payload is larger than the maximum?
A status code 413 returned.
What is the maximum script code execution?
Up to 30 minutes.
What is the maximum executions queued when using concurrency strategies?
You can queue a maximum 10 executions queued when using an applicable concurrency strategies.
What information can I get from my payload?
JSON encoding allows only root object as payload.

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