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Hooks to automate webhooks

Scriptable webhook gateway to safely run your custom builds, deploys, and proxy scripts on your servers.

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Why Hooks?

Integrate & Automate = Saving Time!

Create Hooks (HTTP endpoints) on your server. Use them to execute configured commands.

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4 Steps

Control your event stream with Hooks

Learn How Hookdoo Works

Receive webhook request

Ingestion of the webhook request.

Parse webhook request

Webhook request is parsed for the headers, payload and query variables.

Validate Hook

Check if the specified rules for the hook were satisfied.

Pass specified arguments to specified command

Done via command line arguments or via environment variables.

Seamless Integration

Everything to create and manage Hooks

Request context in your script

We parse and store the webhooks invocation original context: payload, headers and query parameters.

Detailed webhook invocation history

Easily inspect, review incoming webhook and script's execution behavior. Contains the request context and scripts' outputs.

Export variables

Export partial or entire values as temporary environment variables you can use in your scripts.

Context aware trigger rules

Define trigger rules based on the request context. Customize the exact conditions under which your scripts should run.

Hook invocation replay

When your build script fails, replay existing hook invocation with the original request context in a single click!

Concurrency handling strategies

Various strategies to specify what happen during concurrent builds based on your requirements and script code.

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